Network and exchange with practitioners

The funding program „Societal Causes and Effects of Radical Islam in Germany and Europe“ aspires to harmonize research and practice. All projects involved are in close dialogue with pracititioners and incorporate expertise of Islamic centers, institutions for political education, and networks for democracy into their research. Conversely, they provide valuable and relevant insight that practitoners can benefit from.

The transfer project RADIS maintains close relationships with other research facilities that work on related topics.

Partners in the Field

  • Alhambra Society e.V. (Website in German)
  • Central Institute for Regional Research, University of Erlangen
  • Centre for European and Oriental Culture (ZEOK), Leipzig (Website in German)
  • Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nürnberg (CHREN) (Website)
  • Centre for Religion and Modernity, University Münster (Website)
  • Center for the Study of Religions (CSR), University of Leipzig
  • Centre for Turkish Studies and Integration Research (ZfTI), Duisburg (Website in German)
  • City of Aachen (Website)
  • Competence Centre for Deradicalisation and Prevention of Extremism (KODEX) (Website in German)
  • Competence Centre for Right-Wing Extremism and Democracy Research (KReDO), University of Leipzig (Website in German)
  • Council of Muslim Students and Academics (RAMSA) (Website in German)
  • Educational Institution Bocholt - Political Education for Federal Volunteer Services (Website in German)
  • Effect Bremen gGmbH (Website in German)
  • Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Student Foundation e.V. (Website)
  • Federal Agency for Civic Education, Department of Extremism (Website in German)
  • Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community (Website)
  • Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Tasks (BAFza) (Website in German)
  • Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (Website)
  • Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Analysis (GEI), Braunschweig (Website)
  • Islamic Centre Bielefeld e.V. (Website in German)
  • Institute for Social Movements, Ruhr-University of Bochum (Website)
  • Max Planck Institute for Ethnological Research in Halle (Website)
  • Model Projekt al-Etidal, Schura Bremen (Website in German)
  • Municipal Integration Centre of the City of Bielefeld (Website in German)
  • Municipal Integration Centre of the City of Duisburg (KI)
  • Network for Democracy und Courage e.V. (Website)
  • NRW-Network CoRE (Connecting Research on Extremism in North Rhine-Westphalia) (Website in German)
  • Planerladen e.V. Dortmund (Website)
  • Research Institute for Social Cohesion (FGZ), University of Leipzig (Website in German)
  • Rhine-Ruhr Institute for Social Research and Policy Advice e.V. (RISP), University of Duisburg (Website in German)
  • Senate for Home Affairs, Bremen (Website in German)
  • Turkish Community Germany (Website in German)
  • Violence Prevention Network (Website)