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The research projects mainly publish in German language. Please find all publications here.

English Publications by the Research Projects

The English publications of the twelve research projects are collected here. The list will be continuously complemented.


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  • Brunner, Max Manuel (2022): The European Far Right. A Review of the Recent Literature. In: Moving the Social: Journal of Social History and the History of Social Movements, 67, 125–136. [Download]
    Project: RaMi
  • Yendell, Alexander/Pickel, Gert (2022): Islamophobia and anti-Muslim feeling in Saxony – theoretical approaches and empirical findings based on population surveys. In: Kalmar, Ivan/Shoshan, Nitzan (ed.). Racism in Contemporary Germany: Islamophobia in East and West. New York: Taylor and Francis.
    Project: RIRA
  • Pickel, Gert/Yendell, Alexander (2022): Religion as Factor of Conflict in Relation to Right-Wing-Extremism, Hostility to Muslims, and Support for the AfD. In: Decker, Oliver/Kiess, Johannes/Brähler, Elmar (ed.). The Dynamics of Right-Wing-Extremism within German Society. Escape into Authoritarianism. London: Routledge, 154-172.
    Project: RIRA
  • Özvatan, Özgür (2022): De/legitimising EUrope through the performance of crises: The far-right Alternative for Germany on 'climate hysteria' and 'corona hysteria'. In: Journal of Language and Politics, 21(2), 208-232.
    Project: D:Islam
  • Sponholz, Liriam (2021): Hate Speech and Deliberation: Overcoming the “Words-That-Wound” Trap. In: Pérez-Escolar, Marta/Noguera-Vivo, José Manuel (ed.): Hate speech and polarization in participatory society. Routledge, London, 49-64. [Download]
    Project: RaMi