Inside RADIS

Where does RADIS research currently stand? What approaches are being used and what challenges are shaping this work? At #InsideRADIS, the scholars of the twelve projects share their views and give current insights into their research.

Visiting Deutungsmacht

What exactly does the phenomenon of 'religious outbidding' mean in Islam and what role does it play in radicalisation?


Visiting ArenDt

What are the experiences of Jews with anti-semitism by Islamist actors?


Visiting D:ISLAM

How are Muslim communities threatened by Islamists and how do they react?


Visiting OKAI

How can Muslim organisations respond to Islamist terrorist attacks?


Visiting KURI

What factors have shaped the way radical Islam has been dealt with over the last 20 years?


Visiting Wechselwirkungen

How do social discourses on Islamism affect Muslim communities? What consequences do anti-radicalisation measures have for them? 


Visiting RIRA

Do threat perceptions and social polarisation lead to a spiral of radicalisation?


Visiting RaMi

How do right-wing movements shape the social image of Islam?


Visiting RadiRa

Do spaces affect the vulnerability of radicalisation?


Visiting Distance

How does one successfully distance oneself from Islamist structures?


Visiting UWIT

What do student teachers of Islamic theology learn about radicalisation and prevention?


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