Panel Discussion: Social and Political Practices of Dealing with Islamist Extremism since 9/11

Panel with RADIS-projects at ECPR General Conference in Prague from September 4-8, 2023. You can register for the conference until June 6.

KURI and RaMi will participate and present a number of papers in the ECPR General Conference atthe Charles University in Prague from September 4-8, 2023.

Reem Ahmed and Julian Junk from project KURI will host a panel discussion in the section "political violence". They will talk with Corinne Torrekens about dealing with Islamist extremism and the fundamental questions of liberal and pluralistic societies, such as security and freedom and the challenges to the rule of law.

However, how are these measures justified, and what kinds of demands does society put on the state to deal with the issue of political violence perpetrated by Islamist extremists? This panel aims to explore these issues further by taking stock of the last two decades and focusing on the following key areas: Islamist activities; the kinds of demands articulated through the media; threat perceptions conveyed by the public and security authorities; and the operationalisation of counter-measures.

Liriam Sponholz (RaMi) contributes and presents a conference paper about "Islam in the Media: From Anti-West to “Radical Islam”. She will present her research findings about media coverage of terrorism and media narratives about Islam and Muslims.

Furthermore, Lea Brost (KURI) gives a presentation about "Islamist Activities and (Re-)Actions of State Actors". She examines activities carried out by Islamists since 2001 alongside the institutional changes that have been triggered by this shift in Germany.

Mona Klöckner (KURI) will talk about "Support for Repressive Measures Against Different Forms of Extremism in Germany". Her paper explores the impact of extremists’ level of violence and form of extremism (Islamist, Right-Wing, Left-Wing) on support for repressive measures in present-day Germany.

In addition, Isabelle Stephanblome (KURI) presents the paper "Governing Threats through Ambiguity: The Construction of the Dangerous Person in German Counter-Terrorism". Focusing on the term "Gefährder" she explores how this term is interpreted and applied by different German P/CVE actors and the issues arising therein.

You can register for the conference until June 6 on the ECPR-Website.